DemoMy earliest memories are of watching the house designed by my father, architect William. S. Cullen, take shape. It was the only modern house on the block, which turned out to be good preparation for when I was one of very few unregenerate modernists studying architecture during the height of post-modernism.

After moving into the utopian Greenmeadow Eichler neighborhood, I founded Greenmeadow Architects, a community based design firm, to save existing at-risk Mid Century Californa Modern houses from obliteration until the time that they would again be appreciated as living art. The firm received national awards and international recognition for breathing new life into 50 year old modern homes, continuing the original principles of the open floor plan, indoor / outdoor living, structural innovation and natural materials.

I continue to explore the design opportunities of new green materials and eco-friendly technology within the modern idiom of simple clean lines and planes, natural light and seamless flow of space.

While each project is a unique work resulting from a close collaboration between architect and client, my common thread is open, light-filled spaces with a strong connection to the natural environment.